My Story - Sara Yates

My Story

This is me, Sara

I'm a stay at home mum of five who loves books, baking, crafts and creativity in general. After volunteering at a local school I had a crazy idea to get back into education myself. I was always passionate about my children's learning and decided to follow my own advice. Finding out along the way that I love to inspire and share my thoughts whatever they may be, so maybe blogging is for me.

I try to find fun ways to instil a love of learning and creativity in my children, sometimes more successfully than others. While on a mission to prove to myself I can do it too.

Here it is, my life, or at least my daily thoughts about it. I don't know if you would say my writings have their own niche, possibly lifestyle and education but mostly I am just me.

Honest personal thoughts, activities done with the brood, baking and academic struggles, it's all here.

I have one rule, if it makes me feel, excites my passion it's probably ending up here.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog.


Bullet point me

  • I can't function without my morning cup of tea, or two
  • I am obsessed with Instagram
  • Music and a good book cures me of a bad mood or bad day
  • I live in constant organised chaos
  • I love stationary, comfy shoes and anything miniature