Beat the school holiday boredom

They’ve overdosed on games consoles, played with all their toys (or so they say) fell out with each other and made up again (at least once) and now they want entertaining. No matter the school holiday at some point we hear “I’m bored”.

To offer a little help here’s our top 10 favourite last minute things to do

Home movie – choose a favourite film, get some snacks and sit back to enjoy the film
Visit the library – some have activities on during the holidays or just choose a good book to read
Write your own story – this could be written alone and shared later or done as a group
Build a den – sheets, chairs, boxes, anything you have can make a den. Play an adventure game using the den as a base or just use it as somewhere to chill out

Play dough – You can buy it everywhere or why not have a go at making your own
Bake a cake or biscuits – decorating them is always fun you could turn it into your own bake off

Get outside – walk the dog, go to the park, go swimming, go for a bike ride, or on a nature walk
Play a board game – monopoly or scrabble are our favourites
Have a Lego building session – make it a competition or decide to do a big build as a team and work together


Do a science experiment – there are countless STEM experiments you can do and they are fairly easy to find online

Embrace the boredom

Sometimes boredom is a good thing. It stimulates creativity, gives children a chance to remember the fun of small things. Connect with each other, have time to daydream, or inspiration to create something. Children need to be encouraged to think of their own ideas and ways to cope with boredom.

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