Not a good start

Monday’s are not my favourite day of the week but they are a day I seem to get the most done if I’m home, usually anyway. Monday is my day for finding all my floors, table tops etc under the weekend mess. You know the day where you clean up and it actually stays tidy. Stays just how you left it, and you love how your home looks. At least until everyone else gets home and undoes all your hard work. That’s my usual Monday but as I went away over Easter and could swear someone swapped bodies with me because since I came back I’ve had painful joints, fatigue and swelling I have never had before, today is already playing out differently.

Monday; ringing the doctors

Trying to get a doctors appointment when I need one is ridiculously hard, I assume that’s the same everywhere. But it doesn’t stop it being frustrating. I do have a routine appointment booked but that next month and I really need one now. Today it took forever to get through and once I did “sorry there’s no appointments left”. So tomorrow morning just like today I will be fixed to my phone from about 8.25am constantly trying to get through along with everyone else. It’s like a race no one really wants to be in but everyone wants to win. In the meantime I will be the one who seems to have lost her ankles and can only wear dolly shoes or a particular pair of pumps as I can not get my other shoes on comfortably.

And now today

Plan for the day is to hobble around while I try to keep up with the cleaning hoping the pain killers I swear I’ve been eating like smarties take away the discomfort. The kids wanted me to bake cakes today, well sorry boys that’s not happening not unless standing for an extended period will suddenly make my ankles reappear. I was supposed to be moving all the furniture to clean all the bits I can see hiding under my sofa but that’s not happening either. Closest I will be getting is using the pipe from the hoover to clean under at least the front of the sofa. If there’s stuff further under my mood today is if I can’t see it I don’t care.

As you can tell I’m not very good when it comes to coping with being not well myself. I can cope fine with anyone else being ill. I can nurse others but myself the general rule anyone else should adhere to is that it’s probably best to stay away. If you must live with me remember being unwell in any way makes me bad tempered.

Basically, normal Monday is cancelled. Normal rest of the week is cancelled. Normality will resume once I am in a better mood and have ankles again.

Or when whoever decided to take my perfectly fine non pained body and swap it for this one returns mine. I await with hope.


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