Opportunity and Passion

Recently a lecturer recommended I participate in a student take over of an established, professional, early years blog. Creating a blog post around a current topic in the early years and submitting it for consideration. The author of the blog, Aaron Bradbury, is a Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood who writes posts around early years education and research. The posts on Aaron’s blog are a great read for anyone with an interest in early years education.

Subject opportunity

This was a fantastic opportunity to write about a contemporary topic I feel strongly about. Also providing me a chance to present my writing skills to a wider audience. My chosen subject matter; the new baseline tests for Reception class. I had previously wrote a short piece on the subject here. Writing for a professional blog means using a different writing style to the one I choose to use on my own blog.

My chosen topic “Baseline Tensions” will be one of three posts written by students for ‘The Takeover’ covering current topics within the Early Years. I look forward to reading the other student takeover posts in the coming weeks.

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