What’s in the bag?

Many times I here “ What do have in that bag? You always have everything “ Well I don’t know about you but I usually carry all sorts and sometimes everything in my handbag. Over the years there has been a few changes, when my children were younger I definitely had more stuff in there. But I love my handbag. Or all of them because we know one is never enough.

Which one?

Right now this is the handbag I’m using. It wasn’t expensive but it is one of my favourites. Soft, cream leather and not too large. I do own a few oversized handbags but much prefer this medium size.


Empty the bag

The front pocket always contains the same things;

  • whichever purse I’m using (yes I own more than one of those too),
  • keys (very important I would rather not get locked out) and
  • blister plasters (absolute god send when walking in new shoes)

Inside there are two smaller pockets and the large main area.

The first pocket

Contains toiletries, hair clip and painkillers.

  • Painkillers are a must in any handbag in my eyes.
  • My favourite go to lip gloss, nude pop by Steve Laurant cruelty free beauty.
  • There’s usually tissues in this pocket as well but it looks like I need more.
  • The body spray, last week it was one of my fave perfumes but this week I’m all over this body spray.

Second pocket.
  • I found the tissues and
  • a hair band I forgot I had bought so that’s a bonus.
  • There’s my pen, hopefully it works (I always have a pen but really should remember to check they work and throw away those that don’t).
  • My gloves, it’s been cold.

Main pocket.

Okay this is about two thirds of what I found. The rest was just rubbish that went in the bin.

  • Receipts, lots of them, I needed to clear those out so most are now in the recycling.
  • Loose change, you know the bits that you just throw in your bag not your purse. The change that is there because your hands were full you didn’t have a pocket, your child was moaning about being dragged around shops and you just had enough.
  • A pencil sharpener??? No idea. Can only assume it’s something to do with the kids.
  • My pin sentry the one I use to see how much money I no longer have, or how much money is about to be swallowed up by bills.
  • Two mirror compacts? Not sure why I have two in this bag, unless it’s for checking those eyes I need in the back of my head sometimes.
  • Mints, I love mints those are mine.
  • A half eaten packet of sweets, not mine, will belong to one of the boys.
  • A few random toys, these will have either been removed from a child for some reason or deliberately put there to amuse said child.
  • Small pad of paper, I always carry this, I like lists. Lists of shopping, lists of bills that need paying, what needs doing today. I do have notes on my phone and reminders set but I don’t always look at them, I like my book of paper.
  • A hair bobble, always useful and a random badge, not really useful.

Like I said before I used to carry more stuff when the boys were small, spare dummies, wipes, etc. It can vary as I usually end up with Hubby’s keys or phone while we are out in my bag, or will put certain things in depending on where I’m going. What things to you have in yours? Or are you someone who doesn’t carry a handbag.

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