Why mindfulness is helpful for everyone

When you are always rushing from one thing to another your mind constantly wanders and you can find yourself having a discussion in your own mind that gets you worked up, stressed or anxious. We can end up stressed about things that may not even happen.

This kind of negativity can impact on our physical health, raising blood pressure. Our mental health can also be effected, in an anxious state its easy to misunderstand or misinterpret another persons words or behaviour. Practicing mindfulness can help to alleviate this as we become more aware of the here and now.

What is mindfulness?

If you are doing repetitive activities, worrying about something or getting anxious you tend to not be really focused. Mindfulness is about experiencing the here and now. It offers a way of freeing yourself from unhelpful ways of thinking or responding. Mindfulness brings an awareness of our own thoughts and feelings as they happen.

Benefits of mindfulness

Becoming more present can help us understand ourselves better and how our thoughts or anxieties can take us to an unhelpful place. Mindfulness allows us to ground ourselves and realise that those thoughts do not have control over us and our lives.

With mindfulness we are able to be;

• Kinder to ourselves
• Respond in a more positive way to strong emotions
• Manage stress
• Increase awareness of what is going on inside our own mind
• Increase awareness of the here and now
Mindfulness is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as a way to prevent depression returning for people who have had 3 previous times of bad depression.

How often

To be effective take time each day to decompress, five minutes a day is an easy start. Deep intentional breathing, focusing on this moment, paying full attention to our feelings without judgment.

Take a minute to ground yourself. Concentrate and fill your mind with what is happening inside you right now. Breathe deeply. Notice what you can see and hear, what can you smell and taste. Allowing yourself time to process will calm you.

7 thoughts on “Why mindfulness is helpful for everyone”

  1. I really need this just a second of silence, breathing deep, to get relief of stress and anxiety. To help clear my mind. I do yoga but forget to just relax and close my eyes to meditate thanks for this post!

  2. Thanks for this post. I need to work on my mindfulness because it it causing me insomnia and depression. I need to work on myself daily and those 5 minute breathing and relaxing technique is the perfect way to start.

  3. My mom always said we needed to take time to smell the roses. There are somethings that have to be repetitions but we should always get out and enjoy other things.

  4. I really enjoyed this post! I’ve been struggling with making mindfulness part of my everyday, and not just another thing I schedule like yoga or meditation. Going to take time today to focus on my breath at my desk and re-center myself!

  5. This is such a great reminder for me. I am always moving so quickly from one thing to the next that sometimes mindfulness can be overlooked. Simply being mindful of breathing, scent and taste can be amazing – but taking it to a higher level is even better. Great post!

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