Why blog? Why now?

So I finally got round to creating a blog! I wanted to for ages and kept looking into it but just never got round to doing it. It’s that age old confidence thing, can I actually do that, maybe I would be no good. Well I decided you never know unless you give it a go and I love writing, I love sharing the things I do, I share photos of things we do on social media all the time, so why not this. Lets call it my diary, my release of sorts, something to get all these words out of my head. If someone else likes reading what I write maybe gets inspired to try something new, great, if not I’m okay with that to.

Blog for?

For me this is a chance to improve my writing skills, my communication skills to a wider audience. And also give me time to just sit and think about everything and nothing in particular, a bit of me time. A chance to put down my opinion, my knowledge and a little of me. Organise my thoughts and help me on my journey, maybe it will help me academically as well. Help me become more familiar with what I do know. Spread my voice as one of my hobbies, I do like talking my friends can confirm that.


Becoming familiar with what I already know sounds daft I know, you already know it right? That’s what I thought until recently. Sometimes you know stuff without acknowledging you know it, it could be something you do without thinking, after all that’s just part of your day, your life. Going back into education taught me that above all else, value what you know, don’t dismiss your knowledge. You are more knowledgeable, in more ways than you would ever think.

I will be here organising my thoughts and acknowledging what makes life just right for me.

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