Just Hanging Around Bookmark

We needed some new bookmarks but were fed up with the usual kind. We wanted something quirky and fun. I vaguely remembered seeing something using photos but can’t remember where and we have previously used the laminator when making bookmarks.
These bookmarks are quick and easy to make. They can be made either backed onto card or laminated as we did. They can be made as gifts or kept for yourself.

What You Need
• Camera
• Printer
• Scissors
• Hole punch
• Ribbon or wool
• Card and glue Or
• Laminator and pouches
How To

First you need your willing participant. They need to pose like they are holding onto something while their body dangles. This works best if they stand on their tip toes and reach up with their arms, hands should be posed like they are holding something. When the pose is right take a photo.



You can take multiple photos of different poses until you find the ones you like best. When you get practice you can also do group shots.
Print out your best photos. The next step depends on whether you are using card or laminating pouches.


Using Card
For card glue your printed images onto the card. Carefully cut around the image of the person. You want to only cut around the person, we don’t want the background. When your image is cut out punch a hole where the hands are.

Using Laminator
When using a laminator you begin with cutting out your image of the person from the original print. Make sure you cut around the person only, we don’t want the background. Cut out multiple images and lay them on your laminating pouch with spaces in between. Laminate. Then you need to cut the images out again leaving a small border of the laminating pouch around the image. Last step at this point is to punch a hole where the hands are.

Whichever you used, card or laminating, the final step is to take your ribbon or wool and fasten a sort piece through the hole you punched. This acts as final decoration and is what your mini people are hanging onto.

We use these as bookmarks, but they’ve also been used hanging from coat pegs.


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