Lego Cake

My boys love Lego. Any lego. We have so much in the house and it just keeps coming, birthdays, Christmas, that’s what they want. So naturally when Caiden turned 10 he wanted a Lego cake. But he also wanted homemade cake. With not long left until his birthday I needed a quick way to make a Lego cake.

Let’s Bake

For a cake that will perform best, allow stacking and fondant figures without any collapse, Madeira sponge is best.For a 9” square traditional lemon Madeira cake recipe see my previous bake here. Once cooled add your choice of filling.

Let’s Mould

I chose some brick and figure moulds, you can find them here.
To begin you will need
Fondant (in colours of your choosing)
• Cornflour (cornstarch in the US)
• A small brush
• A knife
To begin we need to make sure the fondant doesn’t stick to the silicone mould, that’s where the cornflour comes in.
• Using the brush dust the inside of the mould with cornflour, any excess can be tapped out.
• Start with a ball of fondant and push it into the mould pressing down with your fingers.
• Using the knife level the fondant with the mould. You should then be able to remove the fondant.
• If your mould is small the fondant may start to become misshapen. If this happens before removing put the mould in the freezer for 10 minutes.
I forgot to take photos but there’s a good tutorial on Craftsy here.

Decorate the Cake

The simplest way to cover your cake in fondant is to first apply a thin layer of buttercream to the outside of the cake. This allows the fondant to stick to the cake.
Smooth your fondant onto the cake and add your moulded figures and bricks anyway you like.
I made some cupcakes as well and decorated them with some smaller bricks and figures.
I rushed my cake as I needed it finished quickly so some of my fondant figures don’t have as clean a lines as I would like. But you can take more time and get them cleaner looking.

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