Let’s not get up

I’ve had one of those days. Too much to do. Not enough hours in the day.


I awoke hearing Mylo making a horrible noise. Jumped out of bed as I realised he was choking. He was sick while I pulled a hair bobble out of his throat, yuck. Thanks Mylo. No idea where he had the hair bobble from, I can never find any. But at least he was ok. I doubt he’s learnt not to try eat everything he finds though.

I couldn’t find my work trousers, so black leggings it was. Luckily I can get away with that.

My favourite everyday perfume had nearly ran out so what do I do, drop the bottle which broke so now I have none.

Out the door thinking it has to get better.


On my lunch. Daughter texts to say Mylo has been crying a lot all morning and been sick again. Now all I can think is OMG what else did he eat. Am I going to need a vet appointment? How much will that cost? At least we have insurance. I hope he’s ok.

Hubby texts he’s broken down it’s going to be a long day for him. Great. Another text from the daughter saying she forgot some stuff from the shop. I needed those things to make dinner. She hasn’t walked the dog or done the other thing I asked her to do! Well thank you very much.


Back from work and nothing is done! I walk through the door and start picking things up.

Mylo must be walked. It’s easy to tell he’s not had a walk he’s going mental, charging around like a loon (isn’t crying now so I think he’s fine). Still in my work clothes and dog walk it is. Then there’s the shop run so I can make dinner, card machine decides not to work when I get to the till. Back home, put tea in the oven and get everything else done that no one else seems inclined to do.

Hubby is home. Low and behold he starts washing up!!! That never happens. I say nothing and let him get on with it, there’s so much else to do. By the time everything is done dinner is ready. I haven’t seen my lounge yet. Carry the dinner plates to the table and… Well no one can sit until they move their stuff. I wait for them to get the hint. Nope, doesn’t happen. I tell them they aren’t getting fed until I can use the table. OMG you would think I’d asked for the Earth the amount of moaning they did. The rest of the room is no better. But I need sort out the washing.

I think it’s ‘let’s fall out constantly and moan at mum’ day in my house. I swear they make stuff up to fall out over. So the kids are arguing, the dog keeps trying to climb the cat tree because obviously the cat wants to play (I think not and he should know by now he’s going to get scratched on the nose). Hubby complains he can’t hear his programme on tv and the daughter has disappeared to her room. I still haven’t sat down, I’m still in my work clothes, I haven’t eaten yet even though they have. But it’s ok because I have all the time in the world to sort everything and everyone out.


Why do my kids get louder just before bedtime? Why do they leave it til now to tell me about school and make it a competition of who’s talking loudest? Do they save it up.

Daughter can’t find something she wants for tomorrow and she’s out early so needs it now. I must know where it is, if not why not? How am I supposed to know where it is? It’s not mine, I didn’t move it. But somehow I should know so she disappears again complaining.

House is still a tip. At least downstairs is. But it’s late and I’m finally sitting. Tomorrow I will clean properly, I have most of the day. And for a few hours while there’s just me and the animals home it will stay clean. Clean and peaceful. For that few hours I look at my house and it’s tidy. Until 3.30pm when they all get home.

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