Living with Teenagers

Is it living with teenagers or co-existence, I think we switch between the two. Sometimes I think, bring back the young child tantrums, I would rather deal with that than my stroppy teen. Don’t get me wrong I love my teenager as much as ever but he could argue with his own shadow most days.

Typical Day

The range of dramas you will encounter or have to deal with can occasionally make you wonder if they’ve multiplied without you realising. One minute they are the most helpful, polite person you could want for a child. Half an hour later you are dealing with a stroppy, know it all, who complains how everything and anything is unfair. Their mood can depend on so many triggers and those triggers change by the day or hour. Something that didn’t bother them yesterday is now hideously embarrassing or they don’t like anymore and somehow you should just know.The range of emotions fluctuates constantly it can be hard to keep up. They are vile one minute and the most loving child the next.


Everything becomes a drama so easily living with a teenager. And while the drama is upon you and your head is spinning because you are sick of repeating yourself and listening to the “it’s not fair” routine again it feels like a stranger has moved in. But thankfully it doesn’t last forever and it will be over in a few years. They do gradually return as the fog of hormones subsides.

Remember to adapt

Your parenting needs to alter just a little when dealing with teenagers. But don’t make the little mistakes that can make your life with a teen harder

  • Don’t expect the worst just because you have a teenager When you start expecting the worst from someone they have a tendency to live up to it
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff You may not like the clothes but they are just expressing themselves Allow them to make age appropriate decisions and face any consequences if it goes wrong
  • Don’t over discipline you are not there to control every move of your child they need room to grow and learn about solving problems for themselves and making choices/decisions
  • Don’t under discipline this is just as bad as too much They still need some structure in their life And as a parent you model the values you hope they will have as an adult All this helps them develop the skills to regulate themselves and their behaviour in appropriate ways
Not all bad

Teenagers can be helpful, okay not all the time but they;
Help cook meals or make you a cuppa
They may push you to your absolute limits but they can just as easily have you in fits of laughter.
They can be as thoughtful and nice as they are vile
They may not like to admit it but they are still your child and they need you
Remember you are their solid foundation that they can always return home to

4 thoughts on “Living with Teenagers”

  1. Oh man, my little girl just turned two and even on the hard days, she’s such a cuddle-bug. It helps so much after a long day to have her crawl in my lap and just snuggle. I’m not ready for the teenage years, when the days will still be tough, but the hugs won’t come so easily. Posts like this are encouraging, though, because they remind me that I also can’t wait to see the young woman she becomes 🙂

  2. I have a preteen who is beautiful and moody and creative and so angry haha. I have to remember to temper justice with mercy, and that my job is not to control my kids. Thanks for the advice!

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