Not Enough Time

It’s one of those terms everyone has thought at some point “not enough time”. There is always something waiting to be done. Life is unpredictable, things crop up we hadn’t planned on. And yet somehow we work through the chaos, occasionally overwhelmed or frustrated, trying to fit everything in.

We are not superhuman

Give yourself a break. So some days not everything gets done, does it really matter. The chores need to be done but I would take a silly game with my children over a pile of washing any day. We need to stop feeling guilty if everything isn’t perfect. We allow ourselves to feel guilty to often. You can be your own worst enemy.

Some chores must be done everyday just so the house runs, washing the pots, cooking etc. But time with the children/husband or whole family, having fun or just talking/listening can mean so much. Make the most of those precious moments with your children.

I heard this poem once and it’s stuck with me…

I hope my children look back on this day and see a mother who had time to play
Children grow up whilst your not looking
There’s years ahead for cleaning and cooking
So go away cobwebs, dust go to sleep
I’m rocking my baby because babies won’t keep

Time Tips


What is your priority for the day and what can wait? Think about what must be done today. What can be done anytime and what is ongoing. Work out what works for you, we are all different and so are our priorities.


Set days for weekly chores that aren’t done daily. Maybe do bedrooms one day, whichever works best for you, along with your daily chores and choose to leave other stuff until another day. This helps you remember when something was last done. When is the best day to help your younger children with their homework? What is the best time of day to hear them read? Make sure your daily goals are attainable, don’t try squeeze in too much.


You don’t need to do everything. Don’t get stuck in the routine of saying “I’ll do it myself”. Let others manage their own responsibilities. Chores broken down into simple tasks mean even a young child can do something. Plus this helps children to develop their self esteem, children like being trusted to do things for themselves. Obviously age appropriate things they can help with, pick up the toys, put their own clothes/shoes on. As they get older the chores change/increase.

Multitask, but not too much

If you try to multitask everything nothing gets completed or it ends up done but not very well. It works best when pairing something you can do well,without thinking, with something else that needs more focus. For example, hear your child read while folding the washing. Some things will need to be a single task that you can devote your full attention.


Routine is good, it helps us complete tasks but life doesn’t follow a strict schedule. Be ready to be flexible to accommodate those unexpected twists. Don’t feel guilty about leaving something when something/someone else must take priority.

Down Time

Taking care of your responsibilities should include time to look after yourself. Sometimes you just need to say “no”, you don’t need to be everything for everyone. Have some fun. Don’t get bogged down with the idea of being perfect. Perfection is individual. There will always be some amount of mummy guilt but try not to let it take over. Make the most of those precious moments with your children, they aren’t children for long.


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  1. Love this post, especially the poem you shared. I agree – at the end of a long day I rather spend my few free minutes having quality time with my husband than cleaning every last inch of our home!

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