Play dough and learning

Modelling dough is seen by many people as just for very young children. Young children do get so much out of playing with play dough, it helps strengthen their hands ready for writing for one. But don’t forget big kids can use it to.

Big kids

We have loads of play dough. I will admit as my youngest was getting older I was thinking of getting rid of it all. Until I saw his older brother use it to explain his own science homework to him. He was interested in what he was doing but was struggling to make sense of the worksheet his brother had. So the older brother used the play dough to make a model of a cell, he had his brother help. All the time explaining to him about the different sections.

I just sat there watching, wondering why I had ever thought they were too old for play dough. This was fantastic. The discussion they were having was great. My older son teaching his brother in a way that made it easier for him to understand. That was when I decided the dough stays. Then they made a model of the lungs.

Keep learning

If you have play dough use it. It is not just for little children, I learnt that from my kids. We kept the play dough. We love play dough. Since then it’s been used with spaghetti to build structures. Plus lots more science models. And it’s fun. Play dough is good for any age.


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