Puppy Love and Allergies

We became dog owners last September, before that we had always just had cats. It was a decision not taken lightly as my husband has an allergic reaction to most dogs. We researched which breeds are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. There is a few but none can offer a guarantee. We knew we preferred having a medium size dog and settled on a breed.


We found a reputable breeder, spoke to her about allergies and arranged a visit. The initial visit was to see if any reaction occurred, so turned up fully prepared. Amazingly no reaction at all and my husband fell in love with one male pup. I’m not saying others may not experience any allergic reaction but for us the visit couldn’t have been better.

Miniature Labradoodle

We chose a beautiful chocolate brown, male puppy. Everyone was so excited the day we could bring him home (except the cats they were not impressed). His name is Mylo.

Mylo is like a whirlwind, he’s a very bouncy puppy who loves everyone and does anything for a fuss. He is always around my husband when he’s home, he sleeps in our bedroom and cuddles up to him. Allergic reactions don’t happen. Not at all. I guess we hope that maybe his allergies will be helped, maybe not be so bad around other dogs. But as yet we don’t know.

Ownership and allergies

It is possible to be a dog or cat owner and have allergies. If you understand exactly what it is that sets of your allergies there could be a way around it. Maybe not for all but for some.

Mylo has just turned 8 months old. He’s still as bouncy as ever and has turned our lives upside down. We can’t imagine him not being here (the cats still have other ideas).

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