Snow Day

So today I thought I would get a lot of my university work done, boys were in school, cleaning was done and all was quiet. But the weather had other ideas, the snow arrived and kept falling. Text from the school they were closing. So off I trudged no study today.

Boy & His Puppy

Snow stopped falling before we got home, did they really need to close? most ask. I know people worry about getting home, I would too, but it stopped some would say. I love snow days. How many snow days do we really get, it’s not many, so try to have fun.

No study time today. Mylo our puppy was happy Caiden was home to play in the snow. I love watching them play. The other school didn’t close so at least Caiden had a playmate. I suppose I could of done some studying, but truth be told I’m stuck. The snow is a welcome distraction today, especially watching the games, making sure I have the hot chocolate ready.

Missed Time

Extra time at home with my Caiden. I missed him the last two days in the morning, that’s the one thing I do miss, doing the school run every day. I used to do it every day but now sometimes I can’t. It’s a small thing to some I know, some parents, like his dad, don’t get chance. But I was a stay at home mum who did it every day with all of my children until I went back to university. Anything else I made sure to fit it around the kids. The first year in university I could still do the morning school run and was missing three afternoon school runs. It’s still not that many and I know I should somehow get used to it but the school run is where we have some of the best, silliest, most informative conversations. There’s nothing else just us on our walk, enjoying the time. Now he’s home early I got to spend a bit extra special time with him, having fun. So snow days are the best.




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