Soft, Stretchy Playdough

This playdough is a sensory marvel. I would describe it’s texture and consistency as a mixture between regular playdough and oobleck. My boys love it.

How to make
  • 1 cup of conditioner or lotion (cheap stuff is fine, make sure you all like the scent though)
  • 2 cups of cornflour (UK)
  • food colouring is optional (we added a couple of drops)

Mix together with a spoon. You want it to end up coming together in a ball but looking a bit dry. You don’t want it crumbly, if it is add a little more conditioner. Or if it’s too wet add a bit more cornflour.

To get it like a smooth ball of dough you must knead it. As you knead, it becomes smoother and less sticky in texture. You can add colouring now if you haven’t already.

The Result

The dough is lovely and silky to the touch and will smell amazing. It behaves like a mixture between oobleck and playdough. You can do everything you can with a dough. Plus if you hold a ball of it and pull it fast it sort of snaps in half cleanly. But pull it slow and it stretches. It will try to mould around your hand and drop through fingers but doesn’t go watery in your hand. The texture is so soft it’s hard to leave it alone.

Young children will love the feel of it in their hands and seeing how it behaves. In my house there are no very small children but my boys enjoyed making and playing with it. They likened it to a kind of slime and commented on how nice it felt.

It can be played with for a while before it will naturally start to dry out. We played with it for 45 minutes before there was sign of it drying. When it does you can add a bit more conditioner and knead it in. We even stored it overnight and played with it the next day.

I don’t think it would keep as long as playdough but it’s still a lovely sensory experience.






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